September 27, 2021

What is the Comparison Trap and 5 Tips to Overcome it

By Six Degrees Society

We have all heard about imposter syndrome but what about the comparison trap? You know, when you look at social media and you see a girl you went to college crushing life. Flying first class, printing money with all of her clients and her husband is SO HUNKY. 

Ugh, yeah. After intensive stalking and scrolling you realize that you’re stuck in the comparison trap. Looking around at your mediocre clients, and sub-bar living situation. You look to the universe and ask “why can’t you be her”? 

Before you give yourself an existential crisis, here are 5 tips to overcome this bad habit and to stop comparing yourself to others. 

1. Mute social media profiles that make you feel like a comparison

Put this gal on mute or better yet, unfollow her. If she’s making you spiral, she’s not good for you. 

2. Create a journaling practice

Create a journaling practice or some sort of grounding ritual that centers you. 

3. Develop metrics for success

Write out your own metrics for success and know that they will differ from others. Again, comparing yourself to others’ success on social media will not help your own goals, only metrics catered specifically for you will get you to your destination.

4. Surround yourself with expanders

Surround yourself with individuals who are expanders and able to help you grow personally and professionally vs. making you feel back. 

5. Celebrate your wins

Take time to celebrate your wins, the big and small ones. 
It is a splash of mindset and a touch of self control to overcome comparison.

What do you do when you’re stuck in the comparison trap?

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