November 8, 2021

Why Embracing Emotions at Work is Important

By Six Degrees Society

I’ve cried in a corporate bathroom stall more times than I can count. In the bathroom stall I could let my emotions flow and I’d clean myself up before heading out into the “trenches”.  

I hate that I kept my emotions at work so private and wish I had embraced them with more openness and honesty. Here are my 4 reasons why I think it’s important to embrace your emotions at work. 

1. It’s healthy

Your emotions can make you sick when kept pent up, share them so you don’t have health issues. Find a trusted friend or colleague you can talk through work things with. You can agree to create ‘vent’ sessions and take turns talking through work-related stress.

2. Communication is key

Communicate your feelings and challenges with your team. They want you to succeed and success is only possible through communication. In most cases, things don’t fall apart because of lack of skill, but because of lack of communication. Plus it’s linked to helping with your productivity

3. Emotional Clarity is a thing

Acknowledging and working through your emotions can lead to clarity on certain key decisions and topics, don’t stifle them! Emotions like empathy are super important to learn and master in the workplace. 

4. You’re not a robot

You’re a human who is capable of feeling things and the effects of negative emotions in the workplace can be detrimental to your success and growth within a company. 

What’s a time you’ve embraced your emotions at work?

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