September 13, 2021

Why Should I Create Deeper Connections and How to do it

By Six Degrees Society

Networking can be SO superficial and surface level. You can be passed over by someone because your name tag doesn’t show that you are an amazing potential connection. However, networking done right should be less about transactions and more about relationship building. You should build your relationship while you don’t need anything and tap it when you do. Here are my 4 favorite tips to create deeper connections.

1. Make a plan

Don’t walk away from your new connection without a follow up plan. It could be a plan for coffee, a call to a workout class, or an event. Say the plan out loud and you could potentially find an activity you can have in common with your new connection.

2. Dig Deeper

You don’t really get to know someone by asking what they do for work. Dig deeper, ask more meaningful questions. Ask what they are passionate about. Ask them what they have been reading/watching lately. You can even ask them what they would be doing right now if money wasn’t a question.

3. Go beyond Linkedin

Linkedin is an amazing tool but can be a forgotten place of connections lost. If you want to see them again, get their number or email and make a point of following up ASAP. 

4. Ask questions

Ask more questions than are asked of you, this is your chance to go beyond the surface. From where they grew up to college, to their family. Personal networking is just as important and business networking. Find that commonality

What about you? What are your favorite ways to create deeper connections? 

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