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Imagine this. You’re walking into an event and don’t know who to talk to. You pull out your phone and pretend to text someone to avoid making eye contact with a stranger. You told yourself you need to network because it’s good for your career so you’re doing just that. Alone. In a corner. 

At Six Degrees Society we totally feel you. Networking sucks. It’s transactional, it feels icky and there is a sense of dread when that word is mentioned. 

Now imagine everything you know about networking and throw it out! Instead of exchanging business cards, exchange text messages. At Six Degrees Society we strive to be your social network, IRL. Our goal is to make connecting easier and more authentic. At each event we’ll handpick 1-2 guests for you to meet based on a bio submitted pre-event, plus you’ll get the contact info and pictures of all the attendees in the room with you. 

We host a diversified series of monthly programming for female professionals of all ages and all stages of life. Whether you’re new to a city, switching careers or entrepreneurial minded we’ve got programming for you. Our programming is focused on personal, professional and lifestyle development and is presented in fireside chats, moderated panels, workshops and experiences. 

Since it’s 2014 creation, Six Degrees has evolved into much more than strictly professional networking; we are now an ever-growing community of women all over the country who empower themselves and each other, are hungry to learn new skills, and are tomorrow’s game changers. Now what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you, sign up for your first event here

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The other women at SDS inspire, advise, make introductions, and challenge you (and vice versa!) They come from all industries and roles, so no two conversations or matches will ever be the same - we believe that you can take something useful, however small, away from each interaction you have at one of our events.

Our goal is to match you with someone that will help you see the world differently.

We take the guesswork out of networking.

We host a varied selection of event, with themes changing monthly! With curated matches being the underlying basis for all of our events. Most fall into one of three categories: NETWORKING 101, PANELS, ACTIVITY EVENTS AND MATCHING

We can't wait for you to meet everyone!

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So you've come to a few of our events and you can't get enough. Well, it's time to take our relationship to the next level. As a member you are part of the tribe in a more intimate way. You'll be able to come to unlimited events, member only events as well as special rates on premium events and retreats, two monthly guest passes and receive a curated email each month to someone you have not yet met.

Six Degrees Society is a community of future friends, collaborators and changemakers that have yet to meet--but will soon enough.

Let's make it official.

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I'm Chief Networker and Founder of Six Degrees Society. People also (lovingly) refer to me as "20 questions" because I've always loved figuring out people's stories.

While working in the fashion industry, I dreamt up a place where individuals could come together from all industries, all backgrounds and show up who they are -- unapologetically.  Nothing makes me happier connecting people who could mutually make each other's lives more enjoyable.

In addition to Six Degrees Society, I also work with companies, founders, and more who are looking to build a strong community of their own, plan retreats to inspire their own teams, or need a mentor in their our business journey.

Hi. I'm Emily Merrell.

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Make a splash by being the keynote sponsor at our events! With chapters in 10 markets sponsoring an event is a great way to get eyes on your brand. 

Host one of our events in your beautiful space! Gain exposure to a new network of individuals. 

Donate your product to our events and get your product in the hands of the right individuals.

With 10 markets of your ideal community, consider a dedicated email to promote to our 16k+ audience.

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-Corin Camenisch, Co-Founder Blow Branding 

Six Degrees Society creates an environment where networking becomes easy, where people are open & curious and eager to help each other out. We have met collaborators, clients and friends through the network and always learned something new (while sipping rosé – I mean come on).

-Jessica Hendricks, Founder of The Brave Collection

What I love about Six Degrees Society is the energy created in the room when so many powerful women come together with the shared purpose of meeting and supporting each other. 

-Liz Roberts, Editor CNN 

Six Degrees Society has a very powerful message for women: career advancement is important and while networking is part of building those aspirations, the networking journey doesn't have to feel forced and uncomfortable. Positive connections can be built with like-minded individuals through Six Degrees Society, providing support and opportunities in the future. 

-Diana Davis, Founder- Diana Davis Creative 

"Emily is the not only the ultimate connector, she is also a professional spring board. You can bounce ideas off of her and she will come back with ideas and questions you've never even thought of. Not only that, she helps you implement those ideas. Incredible. If you are in a rut or making a transition in any way shape or form or just need to be inspired, she's your woman."

-Anneliese Gartner, Founder- Apto Media

"Six Degrees Society has been the best resource for my business. Not only have I met amazing connections, it has also brought me work opportunities, mentors, and friendships. Emily, the owner, is truly amazing as she has guided and provided me with business advice, tips, and suggestions when I first started my business. She truly cares about all the members and makes an effort to ensure that everyone is included. Without this networking group my business would not be where it is today. "

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