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business coaching for female solopreneurs
2.18.2020 at Luminary NYC
How to Win at Social Media in 2020 with Social Media Expert Jamie Ratermann
10.17.2018 EvolveHer Chicago
Your Worth is Worth Negotiating
4.24.19 at WeWork Park Place
Get It Together: Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, and Design your Success
7.24.2019 at The Assembly
Get It Together: Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, and Design your Success
3.27.2019 at Luminary NYC
The Vagina Dialogues: An Intimate Conversation About Your Intimates

We take the guesswork out of networking by creating curated matches during each event for each attendee.


Claire Yanta O'Mahoney

Hey everyone! My name is Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney, and I'm the Trainer and Founder of Fleur de Lis Fitness (...) and I absolutely love the Six Degrees Society. It has become an absolute game-changer in my life, especially during quarantine, and I love that I'm able to connect with like-minded women across the world and learn and grow and share. It has been one of my favorite things I've got involved with. So thank you Six Degrees Society! Join now! You guys would love it.

Hey guys! I'm Julia Santucci and I want to tell you about Six Degrees Society. I love being a member! Emily Merrell, i'm not shocked that she has found such an amazing community around her. Each event is inspiring, so educational. And the one-on-one's in the beginning, every time I have met an encouraging person on the other end. It's incredible, everyone is kind, supportive, welcoming, non-judgmental. I highly suggest giving the events a try, and you don't have to sign up right away. It is the best! I hope you enjoy!

Hi there, my name is Diana Davis! I'm a photographer and business coach based in New York City. I've been a member of Six Degrees for over 3 years now! From the very beginning of my entrepreneurship journey and it's been a game-changer. I have met friends, colleagues and clients. And to be honest, it's just a great way to network, where you walk into a virtual room and you are already matched with people, so there is no social anxiety around the networking part. They are all such amazing people. The founder, Emily, is fantastic! I highly recommend!

Hey guys I'm Amy Powell! I have been a member of Six Degrees Society since 2018. I'm so thankful to have found this community of powerful women, built by the founder Emily Merrell. We learn together, we challenge each other, we support each other. I have found some amazing friendships and connections through this network, including Emily. I've also found some great leads for my business as well. Go Six Degrees!

Working with Emily has been incredibly inspiring. She is generous, encouraging and has helped me step into a new stage of my career, confidently. I've upgraded my systems, pivoted my coaching strategies and created new programming all during a pandemic. I highly recommend having Emily as your business coach and cheerleader!

Emily has changed the course of my business, and my social life. As a new entrepreneur, I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself info. Emily came to my rescue. With her support, and connections, I now have collaboration opportunities, a network of my own, and a success group coaching program that I can run along side my full time job. Emily takes the "solo" out of solopreneur. She reinstalls the dream of what building a business should be like.

As a Six Degrees Society Member, when I heard about the Mastermind opportunity that Emily was putting together I couldn't wait to join. I have learned and grown so much both personally and professionally attending member events, I knew the benefit of a small group focused Mastermind would be fantastic. Above all Emily creates a welcoming and supportive environment for each Mastermind meeting. She has curated a space where entrepreneurs can feel safe, supported and encouraged to share both their wins and discuss their struggles, helping cultivate tangible solutions. The Six Degrees Mastermind offers you an opportunity to level up as a business owner and shift your perspectives around growth, stepping into an abundance mindset. Emily goes above just coaching the Mastermind meetings, your Mastermind also includes 1:1 sessions with Emily and focused bonus sessions. Your Mastermind commitment also comes with Emily's constant encouragement to connect with other like minded business owners and she is always happy to make an introduction and support your collaboration efforts. I can't recommend working with Emily and being a part of the Six Degrees Mastermind enough, it helped me see my business from a birds eye view allowing me to fill in gaps, set up systems for more consistent growth, and develop tangible plans and strategies that yielded me results.

Hi, I'm Anna! A Six Degrees Society member. I so enjoy being a part of Six Degrees Society, because it is a gold mine of like-minded women, who each come with their own special super power. So, whether you are looking for financial advice, a love and relationship coach, sustainability expertise, there is somebody in Six Degrees Society who has a special super power that you can connect to and who can help you. Another reason I love Six Degrees is because they worked hard to maintain a digital presence during a pandemic, when everything else is shut down! It became more important than ever to remain connected to the outside world, there was nearly a virtual event almost every night and a chance to learn and remain connected with other like-minded women. So, thank you very much!

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A few years back I stumbled into my first breathwork class. I thought I was walking into a relaxing, light meditation session – but I left the session transformed. I was breathing with such intensity that my hands started clenching and I was brought to tears. It was truly a transformative experience, one that immediately helped me feel lighter and cleared my head and my heart. I was introduced to Karishma Donde, the founder of Breathwork Society. It’s an incredible community that curates self-care with amazing events, focusing on self-improvement using the tools of breathwork. If you’re ready to be transformed, keep reading.

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I’ve joined so many pre-recorded fitness streaming platforms that I’ve abandoned them halfway through because no one is holding me accountable. Enter Fleur de Lis Fitness, an incredible online fitness community that is live. This community will hold you accountable! In addition to fitness, the community is filled with lifestyle programming and support. Learn more about Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney and how she inspires her crew.

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