December 13, 2022

4 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday As a Business Owner

By Emily Merrell

As a business owner, your business can be “on” forever. Here are a few of our favorite ways to lead a stress free holiday season for both you and your business. And while we all know the holidays can elicit all types of emotions and stress this holiday season it’s going to be different. 

  1. Use your calendar to protect your energy: At the beginning of the year block off your calendar for the last two weeks of December. If you need to schedule meetings, you will have control of WHEN they are scheduled and can’t be accidentally booked on your calendar scheduling tool. 
  2. Automate Emails + Social Media: Rather than spending the night before Christmas or New Years writing out your email or stressing yourself out about your social media, pre- write and schedule it. Future you will thank you. 
  3. Carve Out Time for Self-Care: Use your calendar to carve out moments of self care during the holiday season. It could be a work out date with a friend, a morning walk solo, putting a two minute reminder on your calendar to meditate or nap. The more you have scheduled, the less hard it will be to deviate from your schedule. 
  4. Make Self Care a Family Affair: From Turkey Trots to family meditation, now is the time to infuse your zen into the craziness of your family. Share with them your oracle cards, mindfulness podcast favorite workout class, and get the whole family on board. 

What are your favorite tips and techniques to stay stress free during the holidays? 

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