December 20, 2021

Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

By Six Degrees Society

You’ve always wanted to be the center of attention at the company holiday party. But, you’re never quite sure how to achieve that. This year, we’ve compiled a guide to propel you to company startdom. All of these tips are fictitious and use them at your own risk.

Get Drunk

Everyone appreciates a good drinking buddy during the company business party, so why not take that role on yourself? Make sure you annoy your colleagues, pressure them to take some shots with you, and maybe even throw up a little on the new office carpet? This will definitely score you some points with your coworkers and you will be the center of conversations for months to come. 

Wear Something Flashy

You have to go all out at your company’s holiday party and that means sequin suits, preferably in red or green to stay in the Christmas color scheme. Make sure you have multiple statement pieces, after all, you’re there to make a statement. If buying a whole new outfit for the company holiday party this year is out of the budget, re-wearing your poofy prom dress will do the job. 

Spike the punch

In vino veritas as they say – or there’s truth in the wine. So, if you’d like to get all the gossip that was spilled in private chats during the year, out in the open – this is your chance. We’d all like to know what dirty secrets the marketing department is keeping. Be wise in the choice of alcohol you’ll distribute in the punch since this should be executed with utmost discretion. 

Cough Loudly

‘tis the season for seasonal flu, a new variant of Covid-19 and who knows what other pandemic-y goodness is in store for us. So make sure to comfortably cough on everyone and inform them that it’s just seasonal allergies. For example, you’re allergic to the punch. Definitely randomly interrupt your colleagues’ conversations with a cough. They will be reminded of your presence and they will have to include you in their conversation. 

Bring someone you’ve never met with you

The holiday party is still a party. Generally, you know a lot of people at the company so, why don’t you bring someone who your colleagues have never met. And neither have you! It will be such an amazing conversation starter explaining to your colleagues that you’ve never met this person before. You will intrigue everyone.

In all seriousness, most likely holiday parties this year will be hosted online. And if you have to attend your company’s holiday party in person, just do the opposite of the advice above and you should be good. And this event doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, here’s some advice on how to make it memorable. 

What are some of your favorite memories from holiday parties? Let us know!

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