I help my clients fast track the endless googling, the 26 different self-guided courses and take fast action in their business to carve out clear pricing, clarity in their offerings, systems that work and most importantly more time. 

Time to live their lives, take that vacation, plan a maternity leave and take the time off when they want to. 

My clients have crossed the six figure mark mid year, scaled communities, surpassed their corporate incomes, taken more vacation time and time off, hired a team and implemented multiple revenue streams. 

If you’re ready to let your business work for you, book a free clarity call with me.

90 Minute Power Sessions

Is it all in your head? Are you pricing your stuff too high? Too low?
How did that person get a client? Where do I find my clients?
You usually have all the answers but need a sounding board to get there. 

In these 90 minute intensive sessions with Emily, we will clarify your offerings, identify your clients and map out next steps for your business. 

These intensives are built with your unique business in mind and each session is tailored to your needs. 
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Second Degree Coaching:
Pregnancy & Maternity Planning
with Emily Merrell

In February 2021 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. While excited, I was overwhelmed with a sense of mourning of my former self. I was eager to begin my journey of motherhood, yet pregnancy brought unexpected obstacles.

While I was able to piece together support and answers to questions from mom groups and close friends. I found it overwhelming navigating this new world while still grappling with who I was and who I would become? Would I still be me? 

My mission is to help mothers- to-be navigate their own pregnancy, maternity and postpartum journey by holding space, sound boarding and planning this next stage of life together.


You’ve been hit with the entrepreneurial seizure. That idea, business that consumes your thoughts just like Leo Dicaprio did after Titanic. 

You might be wondering how there can be more to life than your business? Sleeping is fruitless because you must always be hustling. Every moment counts. Every second you’re not working, your money disappears. Right? 


I’ve been where you are before, I was at 100% burnout believing that my business was my everything. That I was my business and there was no separation between the two. 

After successfully building and scaling my first business, Six Degrees Society, I learned that there is more to life than working 24/7. 

That life is about time and giving yourself more of that. 

Your time is precious and so is mine, I only work with 5 clients at a time who are ready to uplevel their lives and their businesses.

Let’s work together if:

I’m not the right fit for you if:

Emily Merrell


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“Since working with Emily I’ve had my best month in business and feel much more secure in my finances after a rough 2020. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone needing help getting their business to the next level. It’s definitely worth the investment!”

Cahner Olson
Social Media Manager & Photographer
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“Before working with Emily I had 1 million ideas that I didn’t know what to do with. During my time working with Emily, I got super clear about my offerings, my time, and was able to focus my energies on offerings that brought me both money and joy. Through working with Emily I was also able to gain the confidence to launch a podcast, delegate work to my team, grow my team, and systemize my business. She not only provided more clarity in my offerings but helped me create new service offerings that hadn’t been seen in my industry. After working with Emily I have peace of mind knowing to trust my judgment, ideas, and really create the business I always wanted. I can’t thank Emily enough as she truly saved my mind and my business.”

Anneliese Gartner
Founder of Apto Media
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“Emily has been there for me from day one of entrepreneurship through SDS. I knew she would be the best person to be my 1:1 coach. Oh was I right. In the midst of a pandemic, she helped me pivot from photography into coaching full time which led to my group course Camp Clarity and my first $50k month and a $180k year. She’s been there from strategy to accountability to “therapy.” (She’ll be your shoulder when it all seems like it’s going to fall apart.) I will never not have support again. It’s been a game changer. Having a coach upleveled my business and most importantly my mentality beyond measure.”

Diana Davis Creative 
Business Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs
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“Emily is an amazing business coach! She just knows of every solution, and every person to ask along the way. She’s the one that encouraged me to become a chef! So I highly recommend using her businesses coaching services & attending her next virtual Six Degrees Society event!” – 

Health Chef Julia
Chopped Winner

What happens when you work together?

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