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Have you ever seen a pilates machine and confused it for a medieval toruture device? Me too. Pilates Party Founder, Heather Cloud, is so passionate about pilates that she has one in her home. Growing up, Heather had practiced pilates but it wasn’t until she was an adult did she truly fall in love with the practice and the results it can offer. In this episode, Heather shares her journey into pilates and best practices for approaching the workout for first timers. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Heather shares her journey from a corporate career to falling into pilates. 
  • What is The Pilates Party and how can you partake from your home? 
  • The benefits of pilates and running 
  • Transformations of clients who have done pilates 

To learn more about Heather Cloud, visit her website The Pilates Party and follow her on instagram

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Emily Merrell  0:04  

Welcome to the sixth degree Podcast, the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life. I’m your host, Emily Merrell.


Heather Cloud  2:04  

funny that you say that. So first of all, like my laugh has been called like, like a kiddie bell before because people would be able to like know where I was because, yeah, and like, and also I had a few friends who were like going into stand up comedy. And they’re just like, we need you at the show in the front row. Because we know you’ll laugh at our jokes. And I was like, I take that as a compliment.


Emily Merrell  2:25  

You’re one of those friends that having that laugh. I think it it kind of like egged me on a little bit more like and encourages me to be funnier, because whenever you laugh, I get like a hit of dopamine. And I’m like, oh, like I gotta do it again. I need to I need to smile and laugh. And I think the zoom to it can be challenging when you’re hosting an event or you’re speaking to people and you can’t really tell how people are responding to what you’re doing. So even seeing you laugh while you’re muted. Is a hit. So thank you.


Heather Cloud  2:56  

Thank you, that was like the nicest compliment my life has ever gotten.


Emily Merrell  3:01  

Put it away in the box for another day.


Heather Cloud  3:04  

Yeah, I’m gonna throw that in my happy box. That’s awesome.


Emily Merrell  3:07  

Well, I think it’s important to have to have a friend like you. But you know, we’re not here to talk about your life. We’re not here to talk about the healthcare system. We’re here to talk about you. And we’re here to talk about your journey. So before we dive in and dig in to who, who you are in the Pilates party and all that, can we have a formal introduction of who you think you are?


Heather Cloud  3:30  

Sure, I think that that’s a good way to phrase it. So I am Heather cloud, I am the founder of the Pilates party, which is a virtual Pilates studio for people who want to work out at home or if they’re on the go and they work out in like hotel rooms or anything like that. It’s someplace it’s something that they can take with them. So they can achieve like your fitness, greater strength, more flexibility and the more stability so it’s just a nice way to like kind of come together in a live community and you know, get your sweat on without having to have crazy equipment like I do in my background. Would you can’t see, but it looks like a torture device. I promise. It’s not. But it’s like it’s nice to be able to like have that that community come with you. Wherever you are on the road. So we’re even if you’re just in your hotel, so it’s awesome.


Emily Merrell  4:12  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think I think Pilates I’m trying to think of like the first time I tried Pilates probably in New York sometime I I feel like it went in the up and up in the early 2000s. Also, I was like a teenager probably. But then there’s so many incredible different Pilates options out there like it’s overwhelming there’s floor Pilates there’s


Heather Cloud  4:35  

yeah, there’s like all like on the apparatus and everything to totally like there’s like the mat Pilates and then like you have like all the crazy apparatus like the tower and the reformer and the Cadillac and the smell barrel and like the spine corrector and all these other sorts of things for like to tow characters. It’s like it’s on and on. But yeah, it’s it’s interesting that you started in New York because like That’s New York is the mecca of Pilates. Like that’s where Joseph Pilates actually created the method. I mean, while he was like overseas, but then like When he moved to New York, that kind of became a thing. And then like, he’s just like, I’m 50 years ahead of my time. And then sure enough, like 50 years later, that’s when I like created like this huge, massive boom, like in the 80s 90s. And then like, it just started growing from there and love, like everyone does it. There’s like, like, you know, it’s just, it’s an amazing, amazing way to move your body. Getting recognition. Yeah,


Emily Merrell  5:20  

it definitely is. I think Pilates is one of those things were like, wow, I don’t want to, I don’t want, I always go in being like, I don’t want to sweat that much. It’d be nice to just lay down on the floor and do like pouring sweat. And I can’t laugh because my abs hurts so bad.


Heather Cloud  5:35  

Exactly. I know. It’s such a huge misconception, like, it’s a funny thing. Because like, when we started when I started getting trained people are like, just so you know, like my teacher, like, just so you know, you’re gonna have people come and be like, I don’t really want to sweat today. I just kind of want to stretch it, like stretch out and everything and just like, you know, get into my breathing and everything. It’s just like, well, like, yes, you’re gonna stretch. And yes, you’re gonna like breathe. But like, you’re like Pilates is work like you’re doing. Like, it’s all about opposition. And it’s all about like, getting into like your deep core muscles and like deep muscles that like help stabilize you, that are actually very functioning. And so like, it burns because like, you don’t know what part of your abs you’re using until like you’re using them. You’re like, I can’t even massage them. They’re so deep underneath there.


Used to be like, you have abs that to me. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  6:21  

exactly. So funny too. Because like, when it comes to that, like I used to work at Equinox, and they would work out some of the trainers every now and again, I would just like come in and like just explore what like Pilates is because they didn’t know. So I had one friend in particular, like he and I like started trading sessions. But he came in and he has like this eight pack, like he’s just like this gorgeous man. And he has like this amazing like body and he’s just like, has like this crazy amount of like washboard abs. And I was just like, This is gonna be fine. Like I can give him anything that he wants. And I like start him on, like just matwork like, just do like footwork into the 100. And like if you know what that is like, it’s not easy when you’re on the mat. And he just like started like he like broke down after the first one. He’s like, I can’t anymore, I can just like, do what’s wrong, like you have an eight pack like this should be no problem for you. And he’s like, it’s just a facade. So I will never forget is oh, there is a difference.


Emily Merrell  7:14  

Friends, it was so fundamental to me to also work with you and you were so supportive of me during my pregnancy. And just you were cognizant of like all the little little changes that were happening and then adjusting according so like, your abs separate during pregnancy. And really, you have


Heather Cloud  7:33  

to like work with like the diocese is direct dye and like you have to like because your abs no longer work like the front part of your abs like don’t really work in pregnancy because they’re stretching to make room for the baby. So you have to work more on like your side body and like think of the hugging inward because that’s what’s going to help during like delivery and like labor and everything. And it’s it’s really fascinating, which is another reason why I love Pilates because you can take it with you throughout your entire life. And you can adapt it and mold it to be what your body needs at that particular moment in time. So it’s just like it’s a fascinating methodology. Like you can really keep doing it forever. Like my mom is in her like she’s in her 60s now. And she’s still doing Pilates. But like she’s just like, had to modify a few things for like plantar fasciitis, and like all this other sort of stuff. So it’s just like, it’s really a fascinating method. So cool.


Emily Merrell  8:14  

And so how did you? You know, I know you’re currently living in Queens, New York, but you’re originally from Hawaii. How did you like tell me a little bit more about your journey? How did you leave the island, which I maybe this is huge generalization right here. But everyone I’ve met from Hawaii, who leaves they like leave to the mainland, which I love that they call it the mainland. And then they like spend a year or two here. And then they’re like, alright, it was too cold. I’m peacing out and I’m moving back to Hawaii. There’s this like, nesting in Hawaii kind of thing. So what brought you to New York?


Heather Cloud  8:49  

Yeah, so I actually did all of my schooling in Hawaii until my master’s degree. So I like went to college, back home and everything. But in Hawaii, like I was going for I was in the performing arts when I was living back home. I wanted to like go into tech theater. And then I wanted to go into arts administration. And it was like this whole other part of me. It was like a whole different life. But then in order to do that, like I actually had in mind I was like, Oh, I one day one in which New York because like if you’re in the performing arts, like New York is where you want to go because Broadway and everything. So I was just like, oh, yeah, one day I’ll do that. And then I completely forgot about it. I got like, so tunnel vision and like finishing my degree and doing all of that stuff that like I forgot what I wanted in the long haul. And then we had a traveling company like we would have like guests companies tour through and one of them had one guy and he was living in Queens, New York and like, Astoria, where I live now. And he’s just like, he’s just like, oh, yeah, you know, it’s great and everything like I got to perform on Broadway and blah, blah. And I like remember, like, I was like looking at him and I was just like, Oh, that’s right. I wanted to shoot in New York. I totally forgot. So I like new to people. My My stepfather was a maestro. So he’s like, random like a symphony or orchestra and like he created like one of the two symphony orchestras in Hawaii. And like, since, like he left like, it’s kind of gone away, and like, you know, COVID and everything. But like two of his musicians lived in New York, like for an extended period of time before they moved to Hawaii. So I went, and I was just like, Would you mind if I like took you out for coffee and just asked you a couple of questions. And I was just thinking about, like, visiting New York, I wasn’t even like planning, like the actual movie yet. But we went out to coffee and like, they’re just like, if you’re going to New York, you’re going to New York. And like, they’re like, here’s an internship that we can try and set you up with, like, you’re gonna have to find housing, but like, we’ll help you like, understand the subway systems and all this other sort of stuff. And I was just like, this is just like, I guess I’m doing this now. And like a year later, like, I were like, within that year, before I moved, I was working seven jobs to like, save up some money so that I could do it. It was nuts. Like I was house sitting, I was pet sitting, I was like working at Macy’s in the fine jewelry department. I was doing like tech theater, I was doing like all these crazy sorts of things. And my schedule was just like a mess. And I was living like 45 minutes away from like, any of these jobs. So like, I had to do the commute. But then I moved to New York like a year later, and like I haven’t, and that was like nine years ago now. So it’s been crazy.


Emily Merrell  11:12  

Holy smokes. I think there’s so much to be said, though, about the hustle to make a dream happen. And yeah, and I do think this is a teachable moment where a lot of people will be like, I need to do something, they’ll give it like a little bit of a try. And then it doesn’t work. And then they’ll give up on their dream, right. And with coaching. I’ve seen it with people starting businesses. Recently, I deleted like 60 blog posts off my website from businesses that no longer exists that I did career profiles on. And I and I loved that you just shared that hustle. Like you’re like, I know, I want to effing go to New York City. I want to be there. I want to make it happen. And like you’ve sacrificed a little bit for a small moment in time, totally where you are at now.


Heather Cloud  11:54  

Yeah. And it was like it was worth it. Because I knew like I knew that when I moved to New York like it, this cost of living was generally the same thing. But of course, when I was living at home, I was living at home and not having to pay rent. And I knew that rent was going to like be crazy when I moved here. And I was not disappointed on that. So I like I knew I was like I was like, Okay, if I have an internship for three months, that’s unpaid, like, I need to have like $1,000 in my bank account in order to make that happen. So then, like I was just like working that amount of time in order to make that $1,000 to have in my bank account, so that I knew I had something that I could kind of like fall back on until like, I got something that was paid. And even when I moved here, like the first year that I was here, I moved to like into five different I like moved five times into five different apartments because like I was subletting and like I was just like, No, I need to make this happen. And so I just I kept moving around until I like finally found an apartment and I was like on the lease and like I would live there for like, a year and a half. And then I found my like my husband and I met during that time. And then like then he moved in with him. And then like I went to grad school, like grad school was a whole thing. And then, you know, and then like it was Yeah, so then, and then we finally moved back to Queens. And we went back to Astoria this this month, which are like this last year in April. So it’s been it’s been a journey. It’s been a journey New York does not disappoint nine years


Emily Merrell  13:11  

and also the fact that first off, I thought you were gonna say the guy that was living in Queens was the person your husband and well circle, isn’t it? Yeah. Hilarious. So then, how did you go, you came here for an internship, you were here, technically for three months. And then what happened from there.


Heather Cloud  13:32  

So I had that internship and it was worth it was with a company called DCI NY, which is distinguished concerts International, New York, and it’s about like symphony orchestras and choirs who like come in, and like, you know, they they go to like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, like they’ve performed those two different places. So I worked with them. And then I got hired by them three months in, in, like, their development as a development assistant. So I was like, look up choirs and like, you know, like, create the cold called connection sort of thing for for my superiors. And then I was just like, this isn’t really what I want to do. So then I found a performance. So I was like, started asking around, and I got a job at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. And I was really naturally as well as like, yeah, as a performer as a production assistant. And as at the box office manager for because like they have a whole symphony or they have a whole like orchestral and choir season there. And like, it’s just like a really interesting place. And then like, two years into that I realized I didn’t really want to be there either. But I didn’t know what my next step was going to be. So I was like, well, I’ll go to grad school. I’ll get my master’s degree and like that way, I have something like under my belt, what are the masters then? I got my masters in performing arts administration at NYU. Yeah. So I was working my full time job at the Cathedral and then I was doing full time grad school. So I was just like, not sleeping.


Hustling. Like,


I know I was exhausted like, this was not how I function and like it was it was a lot but I was like you used to having like this massive commute from like growing up and like my town was like 30, like 45 minutes away from anything. So I was used to like having that, that that travel. But yeah, so I was and I was living in Long Island at the time or on Long Island, sorry. And so I was doing all that too. And then I graduated, I quit that job. I got another job at like a place called The Alchemy production group, just a fantastic little company. And they work with Broadway productions and like come from ways when their biggest ones are just open Music Man this year with like Hugh Jackman.


Emily Merrell  15:27  

I know I can’t wait to see it. What’s your name? Simon Foster?


Heather Cloud  15:31  

Yeah, yeah. Like, like, I worked with them for a little while. And then like I and then I was just like, this isn’t really fitting either. And then I wanted to Pilates.


Emily Merrell  15:41  

Was Pilates like they’re in the backburner the whole time? Or was it I mean?


Heather Cloud  15:44  

Yeah, like Pilates is kind of been like a black horse for me. So I started doing Pilates when I was 10 years old. My mom was actually my first Pilates instructor. So I was, she was going through mat Pilates, like learning how to do teach mat Pilates. And so like I was one of our guinea pigs, I would take her classes and everything. But I never thought anything of it. Because I was dancing at the time. I was like, Oh, I know, this is gonna be fun, whatever. But it just kind of like lived in the background. And I would take classes, but I never thought it was like, Oh, I’m getting a workout. Cool. But then I like when I moved to New York, like Pilates can be really expensive. So I was just like, I can’t do that anymore. And then it wasn’t until midway through me getting my graduate degree that one of my best friends started getting her certification in Pilates. And so she’s like, do you want to be a body for me? And I was just like, yeah, sure, why not? Like, what else am I doing? Like, I’m getting married in a year, like, why not? Like, let’s like, let’s see what this is about. Like, I always wanted to try plies on the apparatus like, Okay, fine. So I was able to, like, be a body for her. And like, I was able to, like, you know, learn Pilates for free from her. And it was awesome. And I was just like, I went in, and I got hooked immediately. And I was just like, wow, like, I can feel everything. And I was like, Oh, if like I wasn’t in the middle of my grad school, like in my grad degree, then like, oh, I would totally go for Pilates. And I was just like, okay, and then she like, got certified. And I was like, Okay, I can’t afford Pilates anymore. So I stopped and then I like and then I think it was like two years later, when I got really unhappy with like what I was doing at my job. And like I was like, oh, and like I’m not really living up to my potential. Like, I don’t really feel like I fit in it. Like this is not where my zone of genius is like, I need to do something else. I actually wanted to blog as I started getting certified, because I just didn’t want to pay for Pilates. And I just wanted to like know the methodology for myself and like, give myself workouts but then it turned out that I was just like, oh, I actually kind of good at this. And like, I know how to like put people in the right positions to make it like the most safe and like most effective place for them. So and then I was like, oh, yeah, okay, I guess. Then I was like, and then like, that’s where I kind of went. And then I worked for like three studios. And then I and then the COVID happened. And then I started my own studio. So


Emily Merrell  17:53  

that’s amazing. I have so many questions here. I think the first one is, you know, at 10 years old, you started doing Pilates and just thinking of like a 10 year old, the normal 10 year old or me as a 10 year old. I’m thinking of like someone who’s super insecure about their body. There’s a lot of changes happening. But how grounding it must have been to have to know your body and like, I don’t think I worked out beyond like PE class at that. Yeah.


Heather Cloud  18:23  

Yeah, I like and I hated PE like I loved hiking because again, I grew up in Hawaii, and I grew up like 10 minutes away from the National Park. So I loved hiking, and I love doing all those sorts of outdoor things. But I hated running. I hated doing like anything that was physical. But like, my mom was a dance instructor. So I like grew up dancing, like we were as soon as we were old enough to be in her class, both my brother and I like, we’re in her classes. So like, my mom and dad were amazing parents and like, my dad was a school teacher. And my mom was a dancer. So like in the daytime, we’d be with him and like work in like being with him, like an after school, we’d hang out with him. And then my mom would teach at night. So we would go with her to like dance classes. And so like it just like that was just a natural way of like, what our schedules were. And so like, when she started teaching plays, like it was just natural for us to like, go into those classes, because like otherwise, like, what else are we going to do? We’re just gonna be sitting around doing homework and like, what would you rather do homework or just like movies.


Emily Merrell  19:15  

It’s just sleep make.


Heather Cloud  19:18  

So it’s like you had those two options. So I was like, Well, I may as well like, keep working out with my friend like me as well, like, do this weird method that I have no idea about because I’m 10 years old and like, I don’t know where my body is, like, I don’t know what my limbs are. Now, that makes me like hanging out with my friends and do this instead. And like you know, laugh about it later. And like how much it hurts.


Emily Merrell  19:37  

With you. Yeah,


Heather Cloud  19:38  

so like, because it happened like, right, like we would help my mom would have like three classes. She would have to dance classes, pilates, and then like her final dance class of the night, like every Monday. So it was just like, we just went into that one. And it was just like so we took class and then we went straight to Pilates and it was it was fun. So,


Emily Merrell  19:53  

so I think I think it’s so interesting like how stuff that happens to you when you’re a little kid And like what you were saying it was in the back of your mind. You never thought of like Pilates as a career. It was no,


Heather Cloud  20:05  

absolutely not like, I didn’t even think of it as a workout, honestly, like it was just like something to do. Like it was just like, Okay, here we are, like, I didn’t really think about working out and exercise and everything. Like that wasn’t a main part of my brain until I was like, you know, 11 or 12 when like, hormones go down, and I was just like, Oh my God, and like my, I remember, like, it changed for me with like, when a friend of mine, we were having school lunch, and like, we had chicken that day. And my friend was just like, oh, I don’t want to eat this because it’s gonna make me fat. And like, that was the first time that I like triggered something in me. And I was just like, Oh my God. And that, like, change everything. And then like, you know, working out became like a, like a must do. And like, it seemed like a chore. Whereas before that it was like the nice easy sort of thing to do. Like, you’d be like, who cares? Like you’re moving like, it’s, it’s nice to move your body. But it was absolutely fascinating.


Emily Merrell  20:52  

My heart hurts for that, that time of our life, like just how cruel we are to ourselves and to each other. And


Heather Cloud  20:57  

yeah, yeah, and like, at that time, I was going to a school that was like K to eight and we had less than 100 Kids in the entire school. So like, it was like anytime someone had any sort of thought it just like rippled through the entire school. And like it like affected like kids who are like, below us because like we were also tightly knit and it was just like it was really interesting. Like, kind of want to go back with like a psychological mind and be like, what is happening here?


Emily Merrell  21:26  

It’s kind of like watching tick tock now too. And you’re like, these girls are 13 Yeah. Do you want to see me at 13? You don’t want to see me? My mom, I guess it was below 13. So it was probably 12 or 11. My mom would I had a proper unibrow and my mom would bleach my unibrow in the middle and bleach my mustache. And I looked like a caterpillar had just like fallen or died on on like my upper lip and then my inner brows like if it’s blonde and


Heather Cloud  21:59  

like you can’t really see it then it’s still shiny. Like I used to like that’s all that peach but like I have peach fuzz everywhere and people like you’re still here, you know, it’s like, but I’m not like I am but I’m not. It’s like it’s normal


Emily Merrell  22:16  

Oh god, yeah. Their lips are like bigger than mine and their makeups more professionally done than mine. Wow.


Heather Cloud  22:24  

Wow. It’s crazy. It’s so funny, just like see how things have changed for that?


Emily Merrell  22:29  

Wouldn’t make it nowadays. So you know, switching gears a little bit, you’re thinking about Pilates. And for people who might be listening who are like, you know, I’ve thought about Pilates? How is it different than yoga? Is it something that I can start at any point in my life? Yeah, what are what are your kind of like lessons of wisdoms of Pilates that you do impart to people that might be new to it? Sure, absolutely.


Heather Cloud  22:52  

So ladies, like it can seem kind of like an elitist thing, which like, I mean, that’s, you know, kind of properly how it came about. But it’s really not like there’s a saying that goes like, if you have a body, you can do Pilates. So like, you know, anybody can have a place body, all you need is a body and you have to just do Pilates. So you can just like jump into a class. And like it’s, I mean, ideally, you can go with someone who’s nice and will like help you like, for the first time and like work with that. If you can do a one on one, then I would highly recommend that because Pilates is kind of weird. And you know, like you’re moving your bodies in ways that you don’t often do, like, it’s not functional movement, necessarily. But yeah, you can start at any point in time. And I think that a big misconception is that like, it’s like this big, stretchy, gooey thing, but it’s actually a very proper workout, like, you’re gonna work all of your muscles, and it’s, and it’s about like your supporting muscles, it’s not about like, Oh, I do Pilates just so I can like look a certain way, it’s actually you’re doing Pilates, so you can function in life in a much more effective and efficient sort of manner. So that you don’t have like the aches and pains of everyday like, your body becomes more supportive. So that like even when you’re teaching at a computer all day, or you’re like on your computer, whatever, your your body just has that natural muscle memory of like staying a little bit more aligned and a little bit more secure and safe than exactly as we all straighten up a little bit more so that your chin doesn’t get out and like you’re not creating that tension in your neck and you’re not creating tension in your low back. And you’re not like know, doing all like these crazy sorts of things in your in your body that just like don’t need to be there, which just helps remove the strain. So So yeah, like just like getting into Pilates. Like go for it. Like it seems a little bit scary. And it probably will be a little scary for like the first at least three times, like it usually takes about three classes to kind of get the hang of it. But just like kind of stick with it and like all of a sudden you’ll you’ll start to see incremental changes in your body. And like it’ll just keep doing that. Like for instance, like this week, I like finally got this huge knot out of my back that I’ve always had. I’ve always had this couch in my spine. And I thought that was just like who I was and what I did. And I’ve been doing Pilates like almost every day for like the past like, I don’t know, like I started my certification in 20 18 or 2019, and I’ve been doing Pilates like all the time since then. And only just this last week did I actually get that out? And I was just like, Oh my god.


Emily Merrell  25:10  

Broken. Yeah.


Heather Cloud  25:11  

And it’s just like you just knowing that like, I had to release things in my ribcage and ruin my pelvis in order to get that one big part to like, open up then like, you know, it’s just a very incremental sort of thing. So just be patient with it. And like, be patient with yourself and give yourself some time to like, do the modifications. And then like, don’t force yourself into like advancements when like, you’re not ready for it. Because like, there’s no judgement. It’s just about you. So Oh,


Emily Merrell  25:33  

I love that those are incredible pieces of advice. And, you know, how can people find out more about the Pilates party and enjoying their first Pilates class with you? Because you’re absolutely you’re such an amazing teacher.


Heather Cloud  25:46  

Thank you. So I’m very active on Instagram. Even if I don’t post all the time, I’m always there. So DMing me or even just going to the website, and you can sign up for classes there. So the Pilates party.com Because the Pilates party was already taken, like place party was taken, how dare they and like, no one’s actually using it. So it’s the Pilates party. I know. And then on Instagram, it’s the dot Pilates dot party. So but yeah, you can find me there. You can ask me all the questions and we can get you into a class and they’ll make sure that you’re very supportive throughout it. So that it doesn’t seem as scary as it might.


Emily Merrell  26:20  

Amazing. Well, I will see you at a party listener and Absolutely, let’s play today’s party together.


Heather Cloud  26:26  

It’s people. 


Emily Merrell  26:26  

Well, switching


gears one more time, we’re gonna jump into six fast questions I love I love getting to know our our guests that much more and that much deeper, and surprise them with questions that make them wildly uncomfortable. So podcast? No, just kidding. So my first question for you. I listen. And then unknown fun fact about you.


Heather Cloud  26:57  

I have only ever lived on islands. I have never lived on a continental area before my life even like my brother. Like even when I lived in London for six weeks. I didn’t really I was just there for an extended stay like that still counts as an island. So I lived in I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived on Long Island. I lived in Queens, and like, you know, and that’s where I’ve been like I only went to school on islands. NYU is on Manhattan. So like it’s all


Emily Merrell  27:23  

Yeah, that’s amazing. And that’s really funny to think about. I’m like, Yeah, Manhattan is New York. Yeah.


Heather Cloud  27:29  

I know. I didn’t even think about that until like a couple of years later nurses like oh, yeah, Manhattan is an island like I’ve only ever lived and worked in gone to school on islands. Like it’s nuts to me,


Emily Merrell  27:37  

you’re gonna have to move to Seattle and like move to one of those little islands. Like one of the


Heather Cloud  27:41  

like, always have to be surrounded by water. Like my mom actually moved to Washington and she lives like nearly flat and I was just like, oh, like,


Emily Merrell  27:48  

can you read about water? Do you think it’s the? Is water a big part of your life? Like do you need to be by water or


Heather Cloud  27:55  

necessarily, but like, I mean, it’s like it’s I guess it’s just kind of ingrained and like I’m not a huge like astrological person but I am a cancer so like, it’s always been like and I’ve always been a water baby like I’ve loved I love swimming when I was growing up. My dad was a swimmer as well. Also cancer. You know, we’re like three days apart. vs. It’s always been like kind of there in the background, but like it’s never been like I haven’t like gone out and be like, I can only move here.


Emily Merrell  28:20  

Looking at a map husband, we must move to Fiji. Yeah.


Heather Cloud  28:25  

Although we weren’t considering were we to Chicago for a while. And there was like there is like this tiny little island in the middle of Chicago. And I was like, but I don’t know if you can actually live on it. So it was like, Chicago. That’s where we got to go. So funny.


Emily Merrell  28:37  

Well, yeah, I feel like oh, I was gonna say that areas is interesting with the lakes kind of feels like island but no, not Yeah, I don’t even do Makena Island. Yeah, yeah, there we go. There we go. I’m like what islands are around there. You can go to Mackinac Island go north. Again. Going to not break from


Heather Cloud  28:57  

I know, my husband’s from Long Island. So it works out really well. I was just like, we can only live on islands for a while. So you know,


Emily Merrell  29:04  

it’s okay. He’s not you. 


Heather Cloud  29:07  

He was like, it would’ve been so cool if both of us are that way. But it’s


Emily Merrell  29:13  

really good, unknown fun fact. What about a dream person? Who would be a dream person? You’d want to be connected?


Heather Cloud  29:20  

Man, that would? That’s such a good question. Because like, there’s just so many I got it’s just like, it’s such a hard question to ask because, like, you know, there’s always like, you know, whenever I get into like watching the crown or something, then like, I want to, like be friends with like-minded like the Royals and be like, ask questions you like, was this really true? You know, and like, do you really have to raise your pinky up when you drink tea? Like, it’s just like asking those sorts of things. And I think it comes and goes with like, where I am in life. Like right now, for instance, like I really want to like have a conversation with Jonathan Van Ness because like I just finished his show and like I love his podcast. He’s just so interesting and asked like such interesting questions. So is he, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye? 


six degrees society

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