Learn to Love Your Woo with Jess Bubbico

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No matter how woo you are, each part of your woo is worth loving and exploring deeper. Meet Jess Bubbico, is the founder of Love Your Woo community, a community focused on delving deeper into your woo. From human design and gene keys you can learn more through events, workshops, retreats and one on one coaching with Jess Bubbico. Learn how Jess went from a job as a Speech Therapist to a well renowned name in the woo community. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Jess shares her career journey from speech therapist to creating Love Your Woo
  • Jess breaks down human design and gene keys and how you can apply it to your life and business
  • Jess shares how she was able to trust her intuition to make significant changes to her life and start sharing with others

To learn more about Jess Bubbico, visit her website Love Your Woo and follow on instagram at @LoveYourWoo

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