The Networking Queen: Unleashing Brand Explosions with Aria Leighty

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In this episode of The Sixth Degree Podcast meet Aria Leighty, Visibility Coach and Brand Explosion Strategist in this episode we explore the inspiring journey of Aria Leighty, her role as a brand explosion strategist, and her passion for working with disruptors and challengers. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the importance of authenticity, networking, and pursuing their passions fearlessly to build thriving and impactful brands.

What you’ll learn:

  • Meet Aria Leighty: In this episode, Emily Merrell introduces Aria Leighty, the networking queen and brand explosion strategist. Aria shares her unique journey and diverse experiences, from being an executive recruiter to a wardrobe stylist, and how networking has been the key thread throughout her career.
  • Unleashing the Disruptors: Aria describes her passion for working with disruptors and challengers – the trailblazers who challenge the status quo in their industries. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and unique branding for these visionary individuals.
  • The Power of Authenticity: Aria’s representation on her website and social media reflects her authentic self. She discusses the significance of staying true to one’s personality and how it creates a powerful and compelling brand presence.
  • Defining a Brand Explosion Strategist: Aria delves into her role as a brand explosion strategist, blending her experience in networking, press, and branding to help clients explode their brands in unconventional ways.
  • The Journey to Entrepreneurship: Aria shares her transition from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur while being a young mom. She reveals how she fearlessly pursued her passion for wardrobe styling and built connections to succeed in the industry.
  • Embracing No Experience: Aria’s story showcases the importance of taking initiative and believing in oneself. She proves that one can succeed even without prior experience or certifications by simply diving into their passion and reaching out to the right people.
  • Networking as a Superpower: The discussion highlights the significance of networking and its role in Aria’s journey and the success of her clients. Aria emphasizes the value of authentic connection and building relationships.
  • Empowering Disruptive Brands: Aria’s work revolves around empowering disruptive brands and helping them find their unique voice in their industries. She encourages individuals to challenge the norms and create a powerful impact with their brand.

To learn more about Aria Leighty, visit her website arialeighty.com  and follow on instagram at arialeighty

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Welcome to the sixth degree Podcast, the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life. I’m your host, Emily Merrell. I’m your host Emily Merrell. And today I’m thrilled to have brand explosion strategist, Aria lighty as our guest Aria, welcome to the show.



Thank you. I’m so excited to be here. It’s the worst saying people’s names because I don’t know if you’re someone who in your brain it’s like, Oh, I know. I just met someone name leave it spelled li ve and I’m like, live live. But then my brain is like that’s not right. Emily, you need to say this woman’s name right. So how are you at announcing names? Um,



I think I’m good at pronouncing them but I do this weird thing where like I gaslight myself all the time into thinking that I don’t know things that I definitely know. And even I was creating something with my client and very good friend. And I was I had to like go to her Instagram page to confirm that her last name was gone. And then I was just telling her like, I know her name, but like something about my brain is like, everything that’s wrong. That’s a really good point. I



feel like my business partner of my other business ReadySet coach program is named Lexi. And I spell her name wrong more often than I should and I spend more waking hours with her than I do my husband or child. But the same thing I’m like, isn’t an AI or is it an AI? II? If you don’t trust yourself?



Yeah, yeah. No self trust in that in that category. For sure.



Guys, we need to find an expert on self trust. And I’ve butchered names and I try not to like again, this is something that I try really cognate like I’m cognizant of not trying to. I remember being called out like publicly the woman’s last name was a or like the, like the aspirin. Yeah, no, it was fire, but it smelled like Bayer anyways, and she was like, Don’t she just went Brown? I was like, red cheeks Here we go. Don’t



you ever say there?



Like as it as a Merrill Do you know how many morels I get?



Overall? I mean, like I answer to anything remotely sounds like ARIA like I’m like yeah, that’s probably you’re probably talking to me how do people butcher Aria? They add letters all the time like I’m called to Ariel Ariana area like



yeah hey area



Yeah, area always gets me because I’m like, does not seem like that would be a name sorry if anyone name area



you are please DM me for a very special gift. Yeah, we’re just we’re gonna give you something square footage to you know, like any weird so our yet i i love the fact that we met at ALT Summit. And for those that aren’t familiar with alt Summit, basically it’s like summer camp for adults, adult female content creators in springs. And they had a really, I think it was on the Facebook group but they were like, something about networking. And I was like, well, she calls herself the networking queen. I’m the networking queen.



Oh, and we battled it out



how many connections Did you get it? Oh,



yeah, I was like meet me by the pool better so I know this



is cool. So tell us tell us who are yet is Aria the networking queen is and how she came to be a brand explosion strategist. Oh,



yeah. Well, the networking queen, that is obviously like my passion and tensional as fuck networking and getting creatives and visionaries to show the fuck up in the world. I have really been mastering the art of networking since I was like 19. So 19 years. When I was an executive recruiter, I just spent a tiny bit of time in the corporate world and jumped right into believing that I could just have my own business, opened up a brick and mortar. I really like lunch, so many different lives. I’ve had brick and mortar art studios, I have been a wardrobe stylist I’ve been an executive recruiter, I founded the mob mission which is the National Alliance of my own businesses like a really done a lot of things but like that networking has been that key piece to all of it right that like ties it all together. We As with every pivot, and every season, I’ve been able to take my network with me, because of the really amazing connections that I’ve been able to create. And as far as brand exclusion, I mean, I feel like I have like this unique set of skills like Liam Neeson, like I I like brought it all together, where it was like, everything that I learned as far as getting press or building relationships, or just like really brilliant ideas about how to brand yourself and messaging and all of that. And I kind of put it together to just help explode people’s brands. And I like to work with the disruptors like the people that are doing shit way different, that are like kind of pushing against the grain or challenging something in their industry. So those are the brands I rarely like to explode the most. And I think that was like traditional visibility or PR, that’s not always possible, to really, because they tried to fit them into a box. So that’s what I think makes me kind of like unique in that way.



And I think one thing that you do do so well, even if you go to a few at Arias website, or Instagram, it’s like it’s you. There’s no view on the page and you off in real life is very, very complimentary. I don’t feel like oh, I don’t feel like you’re it’s like a persona of you. Yeah. And then not a persona view. In person. So I’ll give her a great example. Right now she is recording this episode, and she is wearing metallic pink headphones that are like cells in my head. Well, they look really comfy. But they they’re so your personality, and then you go onto your Instagram. And we see you shaking it with like a metallic skirt surrounded by like a pink silhouette. So like, I think your representation of you very much like follows through in terms of



everything. Yeah, thank you. And that is something that I think is so important with the people that I work with. And it’s like really extracting that like that is the brand is how you talk how you move through the world, like how you engage. And I think that especially for disruptors or challengers, it’s easier to just want to go to like the default of what they’re seeing in their industry, or not want to like ruffle feathers, but I’m like shaking it right in front of me.



Does a I like the word I don’t think I’ve I’ve really thought about the word disrupter or challenger, but like, what is a disrupter or a challenger when you’re describing that client?



Yeah, it’s really the people that they’re taking a look at their industry, they’re taking a look at the way that things are done. And they’re like, there is a better way to do this. They are really the people that are going like against the grain. They are people that are bringing new life to whatever, you know, industry that they’re in. I think that there’s a lot of systems that have been built that kind of like geek keep success. And they’ve kind of modeled like, this is the way that you do it. This is the way success looks like this is the way being an entrepreneur looks like this is you know, the constant narrative that we push out about, about business. And the disruptors are really the ones that answer the call to be like, No, we can do this different. We can do this better, we can, you know, have a different path to for people to go down and they’re really like the the trailblazers.



And I can think of like a handful of disruptors just by that description alone. Yeah, where you look at their stuff and you’re like, I can’t stop looking and



well, you’re you’re one of them, right like you saw. I mean, I’ve talked about six degrees like non stop since we connected at all because obviously I love to network and I’m like, you have to do that. But like you saw a way that networking was done wrong, right we were talking about just our passion for really curating community and connection and actually giving a shit about the people that we’re trying to like you know build relationships with and for like you’re definitely a disruptor that you were like no this isn’t actually how we should be doing this like follow me and I’m willing to go you know lead this charge of showing you and teaching you how networking and relationship building should be done.



So that’s not just like a Gemini like Aren’t you a Gemini too I feel like we like found out we had the same something or another.



I am an Aries sun and Aries rising so Aries over here.



I’m like every community builder she’s a Gemini. That’s it. Make the very strongest I’m Shouldn’t Well, thank you for saying that. And I really liked how you said that you had, you were basically you had all these different jobs and all these different experiences. But like the common thread or the commonality was taking your network or compounding your network and building your network and building, building it as you went. So, at what point did you leave corporate or like, quote unquote, corporate and decide to hedge your own path?



Um, well, I was a young mom. So I had my daughter at 20. And I went back to the corporate world that I was only in for like, a year and a half prior to that, went back to it. And I was like, No, I’d rather be with my kid. So I, I went home, I stayed home with her for a while. And I honestly don’t know what possessed me to want to be a wardrobe stylist and editorial, wardrobe stylist. But I just decided one day, and I made like a little MySpace account for it and Model Mayhem and need a Gmail account. And I started interviewing or emailing photographers, and like, Hey, I’m a wardrobe stylist. I want to work with you. And it worked. So



what the heck so so basically, you had no experience, but you’re like, This is what I do. And they’re like, cool. I’m yeah, I’m in. Yeah. So this is a teachable moment. Number one for our list. When we’re like, No, I don’t have enough expertise. Or like, I need to have a certification and wardrobe styling or whatever limiting belief you have about the thing that you were working on. Step one, do the damn thing. Because you want a damn thing. So ARIA, what happened? You these people said, no, like, cool.



How they were like, awesome. Yeah, well, first, I mean, I tapped into networking, right? And I asked a few people like, this is what I’m doing. Do you know anybody in the industry that I should meet, I started going to events that I knew the right people wouldn’t be in, right, like fashion shows and boutique openings, and galleries and stuff like that, and just started introducing myself as a stylist. And then I also would, I did make up a fake assistant. Went to another teachable moment. And I would be like, Oh, Aria is going to be in Seattle. Next weekend, you know, doing a shoot, do you have anything coming up that maybe she could like assist you with? This is her day rate, you know, and, and it worked out? And a lot of people that I was networking with we’re doing, like TFP is like time for prints for like a portfolio. But I was like, Oh, well, this is my day rate, and what’s getting paid the day rate and I was like, 2009. And my day rate was like $950, with no experience, other than I was really great at putting really ratchet together. So yeah, I



love this teachable moment, because it’s also a great teachable moment. When you think about you think, all of a sudden, first off when someone has an assistant there is that like, a lawyer, and she was her own assistant. And she didn’t really, I bet you you didn’t even have Seattle booked right, you probably



was going to be in Seattle, that part wasn’t a lie. It’s addressed. The shoot that I had planned was the one that I’m making up with you right now.



So it’s kind of like channel your inner. What’s her name and Adobe energy?



Oh, yeah. I had, I had the skills to back it up, right. And it’s funny, because my focus is not was named for NASA. And then I ended up hiring somebody named for NASA. So people that were like starting this big conversation with the NASA you know, like, when I was building relationships, they actually ended up working with and talking to us. I mean, like, oh, my gosh, it’s so nice to finally meet you. Oh.



That’s amazing. And that’s that’s a prerequisite. You find an assistant that fits. Like, I’m, I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to legally change your name. If you want to work with me. Your name is now Vanessa. I think that’s a great tip for everyone. And that’s the same thing for negotiating. A lot of people can get anxious to ask for money. But what if you have a Vanessa in your pocket? Who’s asking for money? Or your Vanessa’s your accounting department who is following up on the invoice that’s



unpaid. So creating, creating a persona? That is a supporting your team, but that support can still be used supporting the team? Yes, absolutely. And then like that would be one of my first hires that I would do too is like have somebody that can be that buffer that is the one that so you’re not the bad guy. You’re not the one that’s like going to you know, push against your boundaries and stuff like that. Like no, actually, if you want oriented view, they’re like, pay that invoice. And



I’m like Vanessa is such a bitch.



me she’s a killer man. She goes she goes for it



and then you’re like No she’s so me and she but she holds I love it. Okay, so great Vanessa and then so what happened next you had created the styling business. At what point did you decide to create a knot styling business I think I



always have kind of like overlap so I was also bartending and doing bottle service and equity and singing and all that stuff during these time periods. And I had this idea that kept coming to me about creating a kid’s art studio, where I would take like salad bars and turn them into what I called Art bars so that kids would load up like instead of food it would be like pom poms and googly eyes and stuff. And I kept just thinking about this like how fun it would be I loved working with kids actually wanted to be a kindergarten teacher originally and one day I was I woke up on my sleep and I was like art ala carte it would be called the Art ala carte and then I was like I’m gonna make art ala carte and I just love that seem exact like oh, I have the idea so I’m just gonna go do it. I brought that same energy to art ala carte and I opened it up like nine months later like applied for a grant I went through this like small business program, where at the end of that you’d get $5,000 and I built a brick and mortar with that. $5,000



that is in art ala carte. Yeah. Holy crap. That is amazing.



Any all you can make art bar?



I wait, how? How did it first off, tell people where you are?



Well, I’m in Honolulu, but I actually built that in Portland, Oregon, which is such a it’s such a Portland vibe to have an all you can make art bar 1,000%. And I think it’s next to like a strip inside a strip club or



something like that.



Yeah, of course. Yeah. To for Tuesday’s kids off here. Enjoy the night. feel



wonderful. But guys, if you’re don’t know why I’m making that joke about a strip club, besides that being completely off color is the fact that Portland is like known for I think it has like one of the highest capita of St. Right? Clubs per capita. And they’re very creative. So that was a really great one. Yeah. So you created this. And then what? Yes.



Ah, yeah, I drew myself into that. And we ended up so our dollar car ended up having like three locations. We also had a mobile unit, I had this like, wrapped sigh on that would go to like, schools and big music festivals, and concerts and nonprofits. And it was, it was amazing. But in that first year of having our old car, and I was, you know, trying to put myself into new rooms and to not work and to market this. I realized that my daughter was in kindergarten, I was like, how are people doing this? Like, I feel like I have to put on a mask I can’t go in as a mom, you know, I can’t go in covered and glitter like people are weird. Bullies like relationships. And I just really couldn’t find my people that were also moms and had businesses. And I was like, I’m gonna see if I can find one other mom, that’s crazy enough to also own a business. And I did. And then that led to starting the mob, which is mom owned businesses. So as the national lands of mom owned businesses, just to start really out of necessity for myself to find my people. And that exploded, and we ended up you know, having 1000s of members nationwide and prior to COVID we were doing like almost 30 events per month with different leaders across the nation. And I ran that for a decade and like what everything I had into it and I sold that last last July.



I love that you call it



hell yeah. And it was the mob it was like we mobbed I mean in 2021 we pushed $3.5 million into our members hands because of all of the way that we were teaching how to like network and build relationships and really actually support each other and we used to say there will they do still say there’s a mob for that so like really thinking with your buying power of making sure that you’re supporting mom’s first



mob boss mob bosses oh yeah the dawn so Okay, he’s in this is what you still had art on the ala carte and mob at the same time.



Yeah, yeah. I mean, things have always kind of just like overlapped and then poor Linde went through a lot of crazy rent hikes and fun gentrification and stuff like that. And things were like doubling pretty rapidly. So I ended up closing the physical locations and still having the mobile unit. But when the mob exploded that really like took my full



focus. I feel like this needs to turn into like a drinking game. It sounds it says mob boss mob. Explosion. Yeah, no, that’s amazing. Okay, so then the mob became more of your full business. Although your genius idea like I need one of those. I want one of those so badly that are Lockhart Rs, genius.



Thank you. Yeah, I miss that all the time.



I miss I miss it. And I never went. I worked at a bead store, like b e ad store when I was in college. Yeah. And I helped people, you know, select beads and wire and string and whatnot. And we had like a tiny table that some people could hang out in the back and make the jewelry on site. But I always had a dream of like a Bead Bar. Yes. And then you could have like a glass of wine and you can reserve a table and when your girlfriend’s could make the beads. And then if, if I really got into it, then you could have pedicures at the same time. I was like, how could you maximize all the things? Like pedicures take time, so does



any kind of cheesecake sometimes.



You can make balloon animals. Yeah. Um, but I love so I’m glad to hear that someone actually, like took a dream and made it a reality. Because I feel like we always muse about the things and it’s cool to hear about the dreams coming something. It has its ups and its downs. So you are my boss, and you are obviously quite skilled at networking and showing up and making an impact. What lessons do you have for people who are starting their own business and be it virtual or in person about attracting their dream clients or showing up on bigger stages.



I mean, there is no visibility strategy without intentional networking, like networking is everything. And networking is going to outlive all of the algorithms all of the like lead magnets. And this is like the new flashy thing that we’re doing to like attract people and ads and all of that, like people are flipping out right now because of like AI and Chuck GPT. And they’re like, oh, it’s gonna be harder for us to you know, like, compete with the people that can do all these things. It’s like, well, if you are not working this full time, and building very valuable relationships, like that is where it you know, starts and ends for for building your relationships. Like if you can build a power network, a power circle of people that are your people, right? Like the people that get you the people that are passionate about the same things, not necessarily like worrying about what it is that they’re doing in the world this season. But just your your people your vibe, and you not work correctly, you won’t really even have to chase clients because they’re going to be making all the referrals for you. Right? Like they’re going to be introducing you to the right opportunities. They’re going to make the connections for you. Like I get email introductions and BM introductions all week long. Yeah, people are like, You need to meet this person. You need to work with this person. I don’t do ads. I don’t do I hate content creation unless I start going on like, sometimes I’ll just be like, Man, I can do a bunch of content creation and then like, go quiet for a while. But yeah, I mean, networking is everything and really building relationships and finding out how you can show up for the people that you’re connected with. Right? Like I show up generously for my people. I want to put them in the right rooms. I want to make referrals for them. And it all it all comes back to you for sure.



And teachable number teachable. 4597. Networking. Yeah, networking. So many people like surface level if you like networking is all about them. Networking is all about what they get out of it. So what you’re saying is so great, because it is this such a cyclical cyclical thing, and that it comes full circle. So not only are these people then it sounds like you’re you’re suggesting that they’re activated as like personal life ambassadors and thinking about thinking about you when they when you’re not in a room. But similarly, like how are you thinking about them when



they’re not in the room? Right, exactly. I don’t lead with what I do when I’m not working like I am actively listening To the person that I am connected with, I’m treating them like they’re the most important person in the room. Because during that conversation they are. People do love to talk about themselves that gives them that like dopamine hit, they start to feel comfortable. And I genuinely want to learn about you, right? Because as I’m asking questions like, oh, what types of people do you work with? What types of referrals? Are you looking for what made you want to get into this line of work, like my brain is going through my rolodex of who I can introduce them to, right. So I don’t leave that connection point without offering some sort of like, next touchpoint, like, let me introduce you to my friend, or, you know, I just, my friend has a podcast and she was just looking for somebody that wanted to talk about SEO, you know, like, I always have those Next touch points, I always swap information right then in there. And once they’re in my world, right, like, they’ll be able to tell based on my content, and my website, and all that stuff, what it is that I do, or in the next time that we’re talking and I’m nurturing that relationship that will come up. But it’s never ever my focal point, or my goal to talk about what it is that I do, and that in that situation, amen. And I think this is such an important thing to consider or like lesson for people to hear that



you don’t have to be selling yourself all the time, you could be actively listening and active listening leads to such powerful connections and deepening of connections. Number one pet peeve. And I think you’re the same way is when people like I saw that there was that interaction. I had it. I was at mom 2.0 summit last week. And there was one girl we like, put our plate at her table. And she’s like, so what do you do? Like, oh, taco and mouth? Like? Like, like, buy me coffee first? I don’t know why. Like, there’s so many ways to get to that answer that same answer without, that’s a fun game to play or challenge for anyone listening. That’s like, Oh, guys, I hate networking events. But there’s something broken in you, you it’s easy for you to be conversationalist. And I’m like, No, and please, back me up on this aria, I think that the power of just asking like smart questions, and then you can find out that same information without them ever formally being asked, what do they do?



Yes, absolutely. And I mean, it is a skill, right? Like it’s an it’s an art, but really, it’s just showing up as you like, we made a connection, because we were like cracking up and being like, silly and inappropriate and whatever, right. And like,



I think about those



in those rooms, thinking like that often put on a show or build this persona, when really, it’s like, when you’re walking in there, and you are just like showing exactly who you are, the people just gravitate towards you and like you can start to make those connections. And at that same dinner, I actually made a podcast episode about this. If you remember, there was somebody at our table that couldn’t stop talking about themselves. And, like bragging and been dropping, and all of the stuff and I’m all like, I want everyone to have the confidence in their business to be like, Yes, I’m gonna pick your business owner here. But I don’t leave with that. Because it’s why do you need to know my income or my accomplishments, like we just sat down like, I’m just eating my salad. And, and the rest of the table, we had really deep, funny connections and conversations and left that room with new relationships built where people were just like glossing over and like, you know, ignoring her when she was just going on her 15 minute. All of the things that she accomplished and like this. There’s a better way. I love it brag away, but not right now.



I am 1,000% with you. It’s like, oh, you have to contain the eye roll and be like, you have not done a single effort to like, ask or engage with me. Yeah.



Like I am. You haven’t even high. You know anyone’s name. And I’m so profits from last year.



Yeah, big congrats on all of the brands you work with? It is it is funny, because I feel like whenever I’m asked, whenever I meet a you are I’m around me. And they’re like a ninja at asking questions of me. I catch myself talking about myself more. And I feel really guilty. Because and here’s why. Because I’m always the question. Asker is the person that’s like finding out about someone else, and then they’ll leave and they’re like, Wow, that was a really deep conversation. And I’m like you were either not aware and didn’t ask me questions back. Or you were also social ninja and you like were able to get questions back in about me. So I feel very self conscious. So I this woman wasn’t even being asked questions. Yeah, and so maybe maybe that was just her thing, but okay, so people are scared of networking. It’s a dirty word. I feel like people think it’s like, Satan’s word or something. I don’t know. That feels religious. But I feel like people think that networking is bad. So can you tell me with someone that’s like, hello, I don’t even have a place to start networking or I have no friends are. That’s not fair. Everyone has friends. But like, where do people? What’s step one Aria and showing up and a networking? Yeah. So



intentional networking. To me, it’s just a building and then nurturing long term, mutually beneficial relationships. And so networking events aren’t the only I would, I would argue that unless it’s like, one of mine, or Emily’s events, it might not be the best space for networking, right? Like the professional networking rooms. And so those turn you off. Just know that anything can be a networking opportunity, if you are practicing active listening, if you’re getting into the right rooms, where your people are. So really get into the idea of who your people are, what’s important to them, what makes them tick, what lights them up, because then you’re going to be able to know what types of rooms they’re at, right? So like, if they’re people that you’re like, Oh, well, they’re philanthropists, or they’re people that, you know, invest a lot of money into small business, or they’re supporting women, well, the rooms that you might be able to meet these people. And it’s you might be better going to like a charity event. And just kind of like building relationships there. You can go to grand openings for small businesses that you see on Instagram and stuff, because obviously the people there care about small businesses and are going to, you know, are people that are investing into the community. And just start putting yourself into rooms and start asking the right questions. But I think if you’re listening to this podcast, you already have a killer source at your fingertips. So I would definitely, I would definitely start there.



Yeah, I love that idea of of going to store openings. I, yeah, I store openings. And a lot of people feel like they need a direct invite. This might be an interesting opportunity for you to also understand, like, your human design, do you always feel like you need to be invited into something? Or can you just show up and find a back door? So you know, your your style and understanding it and, and understanding yourself? But I love that suggestion of the Small Business openings? Because, yeah, what do you have at a small business opening, you probably have a PR team, you probably have a photographer, you probably depending on what kind of store it is, there might have been like the who’s who are some, like key figures in your local area. And it’s a great jumping off point, especially if you’re trying to get in front of that, like minded or similar individual. So then the next question is going to be how do people find these these store openings or like, but I wasn’t invited to them?



Why not? That’s public information. That’s your end. Right? Right. And think about all the things that you’ve put out into the world where you were just hoping that people were going to come and show up, right? People are telling you and talking about these things, or being on Instagram or putting it on event calendars or whatever they’re saying that because they want more people to come. So you could check Eventbrite, I know that some cities still use meetup, you can Google, you know, boutique, grand opening in my area, you can follow certain hashtags on Instagram. And if you’re still feeling nervous about that, then you know, send them a little message. Like I’m thinking about coming to your event, I’m thinking about bringing in friends, like kind of start setting that setting yourself up and building that relationship before you can answer them. They’re like, Oh my gosh, I’m only like, I’m so excited. You You were able to make it. Put yourself in the person’s shoes. Like obviously, they’re putting themselves out there. They’re paying for this recruiter eboard they want you



to come. Exactly. And and the other thing too, is a lot of these stores. A lot of these stores that are doing events, they have a website. That’s a bigger website, like on the malls page. So give an example. I used to work in fashion, we would partner with the malls and we would post the invites for like a shit sipping shop or we have a monogram or coming in or something like that. Yeah. They want people like the desires of stores or client acquisition. They want brand awareness client acquisition. So you coming in and saying like, yeah, my girlfriend denied or you know, I knew I was going to go get a low out and I would be at the mall around this time. Amen. I thought it was worth checking out. I needed a new monogrammed. Yeah. There’s no no obligation for you to buy or purchase something. But it’s really a great opportunity for you to get dressed up and to, like, show up at a place that might not be your typical Wednesday night. Yeah, yeah.



And if you have social media, I mean, post, I’m looking for events to go to, I’m looking for rooms, I’m ready to put myself out there. Who where do I need to go? What’s the next thing that you guys are going to that I can tag along, people want to help people want to bring you around, you know, and so don’t be afraid to ask and if there is a networking event or something that, that people are growing and you are feeling nervous, like, DM, the person that is running the event, they want a successful event, they want you hopefully, if they’re doing it, right, they want you to get connections. So you know, like, I would always be like, I’ll meet you outside before the mob meet up. Right? Like, like, meet me there. 15 minutes early on, make sure you get comfortable, I’ll make sure that I introduce you to a couple people so that you can get that like, you know, instant gratification and first connection and start to get you know, settled in there. People want to assist you in that way and introduce you to the right people.



1,000% And I’ll add one last idea for that is co working spaces. And I think oh yes, a lot of people forget to look at like their happenings board. But they have a lot of happenings. And their goal is to get in front of new people. So how can you be that new person to show up? Yes,






I love it. Well, Aria, how can people learn more about you learn more about a brand explosion and visibility, you’re speaking all of the amazing things,



all the things I am on Instagram and LinkedIn just my name but ARIA lady, and my website is Arielle lady.com. I also have a course and community called show the fuckup that talks all about intentional networking and even get into like showing up in the press and showing up on social media. So you can check that out at REI lady.com/show up and yeah, just send me a DM I want to have these conversations, introduce yourself and tell me all about you and maybe I can introduce you to somebody new.



I think it’s like our version of Tourette’s y’all it’s like a game we have to play like Who can we introduce you to come on? Yes.



Yes, for real challenge. I know I know people that like salvos little jumping spiders like I know. I know everybody.



1,000% I feel I feel the same way. Well, Aria, before we leave, I like to asks, asks, asks our guests. Wow, my my speech impediment came back, ask some five, six best questions. So are you ready to rock and roll? Yes,



my heart is racing.



I know. I know. This is gonna be probably do you have your polygraph setup yet? Did it come in the mail? Yeah, no. Okay. Okay, cool. All right. My first question for you is tell us an unknown fun fact about ARIA. Oh, about me, about you. If you know a random fun fact that school two is gonna



see that Penn’s orgasm prep the six hours, but that’s not about me. It really is.



Thanks to Yeah, that’s amazing. Yeah. That’s the best fun fact I’ve had so far. So well, like who I do have when kind of tucked away? Do you have one about YouTube?



I’m full of fun facts. When I was little. I was a storyteller and like pathological liar, and I used to just outrageous stories that just made no sense and just to anybody that would listen. And I was very good at like, keeping up like remembering. Which story. person I was a freakin



weirdo. I like that. I think we would have been childhood friends. Like, would have been like, and yeah, yeah, of course. I arrived on boat and yeah, yeah, yeah, I I’m with you. I like that one. I like to pick one too. Who would be a dream person dead or alive that you’d like to be connected with?



Oprah Oprah okay. We went with Oprah wrote. That’s a good one. It’s I think I think everyone wants to be connected with Oprah. And then we’d get in front of Oprah. And we’re like, what would we say to Oprah?



And I’m gonna probably be like, No, that’s not who I wanted to be introduced to you. But I mean, I already got introduced to you. So I feel like Have you recently



No. Oh, I saw before. So essentially, you’ve been connected to Oprah I think is how we say it. Love it. What show are you currently watching our rescue? Oh, with the day every day, like a rescue in a bar? Yeah,



yeah. Oh my gosh, Fire Rescue and I want to have my own show where I go on, like, do something similar with brands where I help, you know, level them up and explode them shot but without you have to watch our rescue. I won’t do monkey does but yeah,



okay. Okay. All right rescue I’ll check that one out. What book are you reading? Or have you currently read? If you don’t read books, you can say like a podcast instead.



Why she buys is actually a very interesting book. I cannot remember the author, but it’s basically about like the science of like the female brain and what gets them to buy things and buy into like the marketing and stuff like that. It’s very good.



I love that. Okay, why she buys? What this is a very important question. What is your favorite emoji?



The laugh cry one or the one that’s like, you know, like Italians, they like they like chef’s kiss, you know? Oh, yeah, about like everything when I really like it. So I like to send that a lot. So if you ever get that, that means you’re like, so good.



And my final question for you is Who inspired you or gave you permission to do the thing you wanted to do with your life? Sell yourself, a man sister. Aria, thank you so much for being on today’s podcast. I probably could keep you for another two and a half hours at least. And then throw a margarita in there. But thank you for all the teaching moments and sharing your story with our listeners today.



Thank you so much for having me. It’s such an honor. Yeah. And listeners. If



you liked today’s episode, go follow Aria. Give us five stars. And we’ll see you the next time on the sixth degree with Emily Merrell. Have a great day everyone.

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