May 9, 2022

10 Lessons I wish I had known before having my baby

By Emily Merrell

I’ve officially been a Mom a little over six months and while it turns out there is no manual on mothering, there are some lessons I wish I had learned before becoming a mom and eager to share with you. For the corporate moms, mompreneurs and those that are still figuring it out – keep reading. 

  1. Listen to your intuition 

There are a million books out there on how you “should” be doing things. The only way to do things is trusting your gut. You’ll know when your baby needs you and when you can give them space. 

  1. Less is more 

Before your baby is born you might feel like you’ll need every little thing for your little one, but in reality less is more. From swaddles to clothes, you can assess what you need once the baby is home so don’t stress out about ordering everything and having it all be perfect. 

  1. You can sleep 

The number one question I get asked is “how much are you sleeping?” Fortunately we decided to sleep train our son starting at 6 weeks. There was no crying it out, it was introducing him to a routine schedule that got him accustomed to napping at the same time every day, from there we were able to slowly stretch out his sleep at night until he was sleeping 12 hours at night by 3 months. You can SLEEP and your baby can sleep, it just needs to be a conscious choice and it doesn’t have to be this big scary daunting thing. 

  1. Fed is best  

Whether you breastfeed or choose not to, it’s a choice. I breastfed for 4 months and was surprised to meet people that breastfed for years. For me, once he started sleeping through the night my supply started to wean and we supplemented with Bobbie Formula and ultimately chose the formula over my breastmilk. While it was sad in the moment, it’s been liberating knowing that I wasn’t his only food source. 

  1. Everything will feel stressful, remember to breath 

Within days of taking our new baby home, we were told he has jaundice and took him back to the pediatrician daily for about a week. It felt stressful, serious and intense. There will be MANY moments like this that pop up and it’s important to breathe. These will pass and be blips in your memory. Do not let yourself get worked up and compromise your health. 

  1. Milestones are not set in stone 

Your child’s milestones might not happen when they say they will happen. They might happen before, they might happen much later. Don’t be stressed, and enjoy where they are. 

  1. It’s ok to have an identity beyond mom 

Mom, you’re amazing. Just because you’re a mom your whole identity doesn’t have to be “mom centric” unless you want it to. You are still you, remember that. Working moms make great entrepreneurs

  1. You don’t have to be a martyr, ask for help

A lot of childcare falls on the shoulders of moms, it’s important to ask for help to avoid resentment of those around you. People will want to help but need to be directed on how to help. Tell them how. 

  1. Self care should be your #1 priority 

Self care is going to feel like the last thing on your mind and priority list. However, prioritizing YOU and your self care will make you a better mom/partner/friend. From workouts to massages to time alone, make sure to carve out time for you. 

  1. Birth will feel like a distant memory 

While pregnant you spend 10 months thinking/dreading/planning for the birth of your child. However, the birth is just a small part of your new reality. Don’t forget to childproof your relationships, home and work and plan for those things like you would your birth. 

While each motherhood journey is unique, moms are amazing and it’s my passion to support them as they plan their maternity leave and their next pregnancy through 1:1 coaching

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